Lower your transaction costs

No card and interchange fees means processing fees can be up to 80% lower than credit card. There are also no charges on failed or declined transactions.

Increase your conversion rates

GlobalCharge's innovative 2 tap checkout flow makes it easier for customers to complete payments. Removing the need to enter credit card details makes for a frictionless user journey and greatly reduces drop off rates.

Improve your success rates

Credit card payments can fail for many reasons - fraud checks, spending limits, card expired, user input error. Through Open Banking, payments go directly from the user's bank account to the merchant's account leading to success rates of over 95%. No fuss, no unnecessary steps, no lost revenue.

Eliminate chargebacks and fraud

Security is a key component of Open Banking.

  • FCA compliant payment flows mean the consumer connects directly with their bank app.
  • No sensitive financial data is entered or shared.
  • No chargebacks and also no charges for failed transactions.

We make it easy to get started

Worldwide Coverage

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One API Integration

Our developer friendly plug and play technology reduces integration time by 90%

Configurable and Localised

Easily configurable payment screens to match your brand. Fully localised and compliant

Full details on our API and how we have made implementation simple and straightforward.

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GlobalCharge Other Open Banking providers Credit Card
Low transaction fees
Streamlined 2-tap user journey
Subscription payments supported
Extended global coverage
Fully automated payment reconciliation
Simple one API integration
Zero chargebacks

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