March 29, 2022 · 4 minutes

It’s a special year for GlobalCharge as we celebrate the company’s 15th birthday. We’ve come a long way, so we wanted to share the highlights. Founded in 2007, GlobalCharge made a name for itself in the carrier billing industry, enabling mobile payments that bill purchases from third party vendors of digital products. The advantage of mobile payments was that consumers’ phone bills were charged for the payment and no card details needed to be entered, hence a frictionless way to pay.

In 2011, GlobalCharge launched a revolutionary in-app billing SDK for mobile developers to take advantage of carrier billing globally. Through this, we have worked very successfully with leading global digital brands to enable them to acquire, convert and retain customers.

2018 saw the opening of GlobalCharge’s Pakistan office, enabling us to take advantage of the rich and growing pool of finance and technology talent available in the country. The office location is Islamabad, the country’s capital and key technology hub. The Pakistan team have significantly boosted our IT capability and allowed us to scale at a faster pace

Fast forward 15 years, the advent of Open Banking has provided new and exciting opportunities. At GlobalCharge we’re big fans of open banking payments and believe it has a huge role to play in the payments mix over the next 10 years. From lower processing fees and frictionless user flows, to zero chargebacks and instant settlement the benefits to merchants and users alike are compelling

Over recent months our skilled developers have been working hard to create an Open Banking solution for subscription and recurring payment focused merchants. We showcased this new technology in collaboration with Sony PlayStation in a Hackathon in December 2021 and won. Open banking and GlobalCharge are ready to go!