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The new gold standard in payments

Open Banking is disrupting the online payment industry. It's faster, cheaper and more reliable than cards or traditional bank transfers. Users no longer need to leave your application or website to make a bank transfer and no more manual input of account info.

Reduce fees

80% lower fees than card processing

Eliminate fraud and chargebacks

Biometric authentication via the user's bank app makes fraud near impossible

Increase success rates

Higher approvals than credit card plus instant settlement

Over the next decade Open Banking will replace the credit card as the primary payment option for online transactions

Simon Coates, CEO GlobalCharge

Open Banking payments made simple

Through GlobalCharge's Open Banking solution online merchants can quickly and easily access the next generation of payments.

No fuss implementation

Widest coverage

Frictionless user flows

Well connected

Our network of banking connections make us one of the best connected Open Banking payment providers in the world.



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